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A combination of psychotherapy and fitness instruction with the purpose of helping you retrain your brain and body in healthy, positive and constructive ways. Founded by Jane Baxter, PhD, CPT, PsychFit has helped others proactively and successfully live their best life. Aren't you worth it?

Depression Responds to Exercise

Depression is not good news, but it is not bad news either.  What you will need to do to pull out of it will be good for you, and because you will have to work hard at it, you will develop habits that you may not have developed otherwise, that will become more ingrained.  SoRead More

Why Exercise Works

Let’s face it, your depression has been in conflict with your personal goals (career, relationships, body image and so forth) for a long time – enough is enough!  Repressed emotions are not just stored in your brain but are present throughout the body. When you liberate suppressed emotions through activity, you feel a surge ofRead More