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Psychfit:  Getting Started with an Initial Consultation

Dr. Jane Baxter has been  two offering anxiety treatment in DC for over two decades. Your initial consultation with Dr. Baxter will involve collaborative investigative work that will focus on your thought processes and how they may work against you. Dr. Baxter will ask you about significant life events, experiences and interactions; your most basic beliefs about yourself, significant others and the world; your assumptions, expectations, rules and attitudes. She will be checking to see what strategies you have used throughout your life to cope with any negative beliefs, and to see what circumstances might be making you vulnerable to the symptoms or problematic behaviors that are currently troubling you.

Finally, she will ask about your present life, how you perceive it, and how you may want to improve upon it. She will ask you about any fitness routines you have tried and what your present daily routine is like, including your eating habits and any cravings you may have during the day. Based on the conversation that is held between yourself and Dr. Baxter, she will assess a plan to help you reach your long-term goals, and you both will collaborate together to create achievable weekly goals.

You can expect to come for in the following session wearing comfortable, workout clothes so that you can begin your life renewing mind/body process.

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