Why Exercise Works

Let’s face it, your depression has been in conflict with your personal goals (career, relationships, body image and so forth) for a long time – enough is enough!  Repressed emotions are not just stored in your brain but are present throughout the body. When you liberate suppressed emotions through activity, you feel a surge of energy, which is instant and relieving. Emotional release is a clear example of suppressed emotions being stored in the tissues of your body. You may have experienced this before, where you have felt weighed down or stressed, which, in turn, has drained your energy. Then you workout and feel great.  So, we could call the heavy, stressed feeling an energy scar, which gets healed when you release your suppressed emotions. You feel lighter and freer after this happens. There are more healing benefits that ripple out from the healed scar: your heartbeat may become regular, you might get rid of your chronic fatigue, and most certainly your unresolved emotions get an instant release. Researchers are not clear as to how emotional pathways can be cleared using exercise, nonetheless using exercise as an antidote to depression will help you to continue to prioritize the attainment of your new routine.


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  1. Gregory Despain

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