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A combination of psychotherapy and fitness instruction with the purpose of helping you retrain your brain and body in healthy, positive and constructive ways. Founded by Jane Baxter, PhD, CPT, PsychFit has helped others proactively and successfully live their best life. Aren't you worth it?


Positive Thinking and Your Health

Making the active choice to think positively can affect your entire life. Thinking positively can lead to positive emotions which are associated with better overall health and life satisfaction. Below are some ways you can use thinking positively each day and start improving your well-being!
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Avoiding Fall Run Down

As fall makes its way back around, it brings all of those fun Fall activities with it. Pumpkin/apple picking, sports games, holiday preparations, etc. This time of year is fun and festive, but it is important to have set boundaries for yourself.
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Insider Pages Reviews for PsychFit, Inc.

First Truly qualified therapist who has helped me with my eating disorder.

She is outstanding at understanding the effect that physical health has on mental health and vice versa and tackling both simultaneously and it has really boosted my self-esteem and helped me build great self-confidence. She has a PhD in clinical social work and is obviously very knowledgeable (much more so than MSWs I had tried). Finally she is very approachable, humble and supportive which I truly appreciated.

Susan G.