The Importance of Being Socially Open

One of the best ways to claim your life is by claiming the important people in your life. They are just waiting for you to reach out to them. Depression can pull you far into yourself, and it leads you to believe that you might be a burden if you lean on others. This is not true. Don’t hold your thoughts, your worries, or your hopes inside of yourself. Share them with your friends and family.

People who hold things inside tend to feel isolated, believing that others do not understand them. Those who share feel both supported and more content, even if the events and situation do not go exactly as they wish.

By sharing with others, you plug into the synergy of those around you who might be more optimistic and more motivated. Find these people; have them be support systems in your life. It will make a huge difference. And, then, when you are feeling better you will inspire others.

We are all of this journey together, and we need to help each other.

The first line of business is to accept help. So imagine those people already in your life surrounding you right now, those people who are maybe a little farther down the path than you. They understand where you are and can offer you confidence because they’ve already made some strides. You can join that group and you will, as you work day by day, at the moment, to strengthen your mind and body.

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