A word on commitment. Commitment is the foundation, the cement of any genuinely loving relationship with yourself and others. Commitments that are initially shallow may grow deep with time; if not, the relationship will likely fail or be sickly and weak. One of the risks of commitment is the fear of failure, but failure exists in the fear of the future, not “right now.” Right now you can do something. You can simply commit to doing things differently for now, and when “later” rolls around it will be right now again and you can recommit until your dedication deepens.

Dedication means you are willing to be personally challenged. Otherwise, you live in a state of your own entrapment, re-bathing your stale air, and enduring more and more of your mind’s distortions. The tendency to avoid challenge is so common in humans it can almost be considered a characteristic of what it is to be human. But being natural does not mean it is essential or unchangeable. Most importantly, another characteristic of human behavior- perhaps the one that makes us tamer than our primate predecessors- is our capacity to do the unnatural, to rise above and transcend our own nature. All self-discipline might be defined as training ourselves to do the unnatural.

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Jenna Kantnor

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  1. Alexandra Saleh on March 29, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    Very Interesting! I work in the mental health industry and I find that so often my clients are afraid of being uncomfortable and the elevated anxieties that come along with it. I think that is very important for people to be able to learn how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. This definitely takes a lot of practice and dedication. However, what we practice is what grows when it comes to building new neurological connections and reducing our anxiety in uncomfortable situations when faced with challenge.

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