Your Personal GPS

Your everyday actions are directed by a type of conscious or unconscious future vision, which serves as your very own personal GPS. You are constantly creating, modifying, and improving your vision of your future. As a result, your everyday actions will naturally change.

When you develop a strong future vision, while staying in the present moment, you don’t have to force yourself to set goals. Your mind unconsciously compels you to instinctively set them every day. And when you accomplish one of the goals, it’s not the end but a starting point for another phase of the ongoing journey of your development, growth, and life.

The act of setting goals can take some practice, so here’s a tip: Find someone who inspires you, someone who is a little further down the path than you are, and set your goals based on where he or she started out. Following a list of famous people- musicians, astronauts, leaders, professional athletes- who have publicly talked about their depression: Ashley Judd, Demi Lovato, Brooke Shields, Buzz Aldrin, Delta Burke, Drew Carey, Emma Thomson. You may want to find out how some or all of them worked through it. It’s a great place to start because that person is living proof that it can be done.

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Jenna Kantnor

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